Floral Candles


If you like Jasmine then you will love this candle. Jasmine is very jasminey.

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Pink Lilac Willow

If you love lilac, you will love this candle. The fragrance will fill your home like you have a lilac growing out of your kitchen table.

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Rose Garden

Enjoy your loves Valentine's day with the great smell of roses in the form a candle or melt. Our rose garden candle will fill your lover with delight this season.

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Lavender Vanilla

This purple ribbon candle was designed to shine a light into the darkness of domestic violence. The deep purple represents the color of the domestic violence ribbon that brings awareness to this subject. The lavender vanilla scent is strong yet soothing and sweet, which reminds us of the strength and continued healing that survivors experience throughout their lifetime. 25% of proceeds from the sale of this candle goes to support The Delaware Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

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